A. Egon Cholakian

Science Collaborative

Cambridge MA 
 Washington, D.C. US

A. Egon Cholakian PhD is a Visiting Researcher (National Security) at Harvard University, and a retired Physicist / Attorney. Egon Cholakian is a retired international tax law professional, and particle physicist. Early-on in his career he served as a legislative tax analyst, assigned to the President’s Commission on International Trade and Investment Policy (Nixon / Ford Administrations). And, while affiliated with the Harvard Legislative Research Bureau (1971-72), he simultaneously served as a legislative tax analyst attached to the Joint Taxation Committee, of the Committee on Ways and Means, and Finance, U.S. House of Representatives, and Senate.

Later-on in his early career Mr. Cholakian likewise served the Reagan Kitchen Cabinet and Reagan White House as a legislative tax analyst, as well. Egon Cholakian counts himself exceedingly fortunate to have served four standing U.S. Presidents during his career, and three standing Assistant Secretaries of the U.S. Treasury Department. He currently acts as a federal lobbyist on Capitol Hill, and a registered foreign agent with the U.S. Department of Justice. Mr. Cholakian holds like-level qualifications within the particle physics / material sciences domain – with his name currently reflected on all four volumes of CERN Laboratory’s “Future Circular Collider” study report. And, as a young undergraduate student, while jointly employed by Hughes Tool Co., Aircraft Division and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, he garnered 23 World Aviation Records (8 of which are still standing) while a member of the LOH-369 project test & evaluation team.

Egon Cholakian commenced the U.S. portion of his international university education at age 16, and he served on the board of editors of the Harvard Journal on Legislation (Vol. 9, Issues 1-4, 1971-72). In 2015 Mr. Cholakian won the MIT Hacking Medicine challenge, which culminated in a partnership with a leading Germane pharma concern.

His expertise is recognised within the international Dual-use Technology (Surveillance) arena, and he is involved in developing VR / AR Technology for National Security training purposes. He has spoken on the topic of Dual-use technology at Google and Facebook during 2016-17.

The Siberia Card: We Are Holding A Very Dangerous Hand
About the Project

It is evident that the Earth is experiencing a rapid escalation of extreme climatic and geodynamic events. There is a significant rise in the occurrence and magnitude of seismic, volcanic, hydrological, atmospheric, gravitational, and thermal anomalies.

Furthermore, we have recently detected a number of alarming anomalies in all the layers of the Earth system. There is an extraordinary displacement and destabilization of the Earth’s core, a sporadic and chaotic acceleration of the planet’s rotation, and a shift in its rotational axis. This scenario is compounded by a critical weakening and emergence of atypical anomalies of the magnetic field, and a change in the composition of the upper layers of the atmosphere. These events have culminated in an extreme activation of magmatic foci, and an accompanying increase in deep mantle earthquakes - bringing about a decrease in the thermal conductivity of the ocean. As a consequential result, our oceans have lost their ability to function as a compensatory and cooling mechanism. All these alarming factors indicate only one thing - To Wit, Our planet is on the verge of self-destruction, and humanity has only a few years remaining to avert this impending catastrophe.

We urgently need to establish a unified international scientific center, essentially an international interdisciplinary alliance of the world's best scientists, who will work on solving this problem.We need the brightest minds of this world, capable of thinking unconventionally and innovatively. We need people who are ready to collaborate and act in the interests of all of humanity.

For the successful and effective operation of the unified international scientific center, it is of utmost importance to provide the scientific team unrestricted access to all scientific resources and unhindered access to all observation platforms, regardless of their purpose and nature.A crucial addition to this will be ensuring full access to existing cutting-edge technologies. To efficiently achieve the goals and tasks set before the unified international research center, unlimited funding for scientific activities is an absolute necessity, without any control or intervention in the research process by politicians or corporations.

It is imperative to ensure absolute autonomy in scientific research activities, during which we, as scientists, take complete responsibility for the outcomes attained.

The prompt creation of a unified international research center and its immediate launch into active operation is crucial for successfully accomplishing our vital task. Any delay in coordinating and forming a unified scientific group critically reduces the likelihood of achieving the necessary result. I call upon all interested parties to act promptly and effectively to ensure the best conditions for our collaborative research aimed at saving all of humanity.

I invite all scientists who care about the fate of humanity to join in creating a Unified International Scientific Center (UISC) that will work on solving the most complex and pressing issue of our time.

Please get in touch with me to learn more about this initiative. Time is of the essence!

You are welcome to attach any documents or files you’d like to provide